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Why Use A Local New England Advisor to Help You Buy or Sell A Business?

The professional business advisors and intermediaries at Exeter Equity will add tremendous value when you want to buy or sell a business in Massachusetts, New Hampshire or Maine.  We're familiar with all aspects of New England businesses, financing and culture.  We have the experience and expertise to navigate the process of buying or selling a business in New England, and will guide you through it. Even more importantly, we know how to properly value a business and structure terms to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Here are some things a good business advisor will do for you:

  • Maintain your privacy.  A good intermediary will be extremely discreet about the sale of your business. Employees may get nervous if they learn that a business is for sale. Suppliers, creditors and customers may want to stop doing business with you if word gets out that you're selling.
  • Come up with a fair market value.  To determine the true value of your business, you'll want an intermediary who has a strong working relationship with a business appraiser.  An independent appraisal adds tremendous credibility to the value of your business as it is viewed by buyers and lenders, and can keep you from making costly mistakes with pricing.
  • Prepare professional marketing materials for your company.  The value of your company lies in how a buyer perceives it, so it's imperative to make a strong, professional first impression.  A good intermediary will prepare comprehensive documents that present all the information a buyer needs in a thorough, positive and professional presentation.
  • Match buyers and sellers.  An intermediary will identify and evaluate possible acquirers and only bring qualified buyers to you.
  • Facilitate the negotiating process.  Selling a business is emotionally charged.  You'll benefit from an experienced intermediary who will handle all aspects of the transaction while keeping all parties cool. An intermediary can speak more candidly to each party involved in the transaction than they could manage on their own.
  • Facilitate legal and financial aspects of the deal.  An experienced intermediary will know the most efficient way to acquire the necessary permits and licenses and know how to negotiate financing. This helps to eliminate many potential risks to you.
  • Save your time and sanity.  Buying or selling a business is a time-consuming process.  Adding this task to the average business owner's daily schedule usually means some important tasks don't get done.  A good advisory firm will free up your time so you can do the important job of running your business while they work hard for you in the background.

At the end of the day, the main reason to use an expert is your bottom line.
Using an intermediary/advisor will result in more and better qualified buyers, which creates a competitive environment in the bidding process. A professional intermediary will know how to identify the right buyers the ones who truly understand the value of your business. Using an intermediary will mean having an experienced, knowledgeable partner representing you in the transaction...someone who has done it successfully before. You'll leave the transaction confident that you got the best price and the best terms possible.

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Important Notice:  In addition to a professional equity advisor that specializes in Mergers and Acquisitions, Exeter Equity Group, LLC, recommends seeking the advice of a lawyer, financial consultant or accountant when buying or selling a business, opportunity, or franchise.